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El Perito Traductor Europeo

Translation Bureau

Mexico City

Estimate, as an indication of price, and minimum rate

A general text, which is not too technical (of financial, economic or judicial nature), translated into our "common West European Languages", (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German), whatever be the combination, using Microsoft Office Word®, showing 55 to 60 touches per line including spaces, and having approximately 25 lines per page (i.e. one entire page of paper size DIN A4) , has a PRICE TAG of...... 25 Euros lumpsum (approximately 27 U.S.$ or 20 £ U.K.), and is NOT subjected to VAT (value-added tax).

The minimum rate, irrespective of the number of lines, amounts equally to.....25 Euros. For specialized texts, a surcharge of 10% MIGHT be added, (but not necessary WILL); this adjustment of price will be given to the client in advance, if applicable.

Please compare now the price level of our competitors.... where rates of 0.18 Euro (0.20 U.S.$) to 0.25 Euro (0.28 U.S.$) PER WORD will be applied, taking into account that only ONE PAGE  could contain some 400 WORDS.... !!

Payments and practical information

We would like to receive an advance of 50 % (fifty percent) of the estimated total amount of the translation. This advance should be paid to our account in Belgium or Mexico, before starting the translation work, and serves as a kind of "confidence money". The balance of 50 % of the final invoice has to be transferred to our account, before the handing over of the entire text to the client.

Part of the work already done, could be forwarded in advance to the client, after payment of the 50 % confidence money. We prefer NOT to deal with credit cards, since these lead only too often to abuses on the Internet.

We could also accept the payment of 50 % of the total calculated amount and send you already the  digital version of the translation  in PDF.  Afterwards we would appreciate your APPROVAL of the text and receive your '' GO  AHEAD ''. Having received the second half of the money , we will then forward you the physical ( paper  version ).

Forwarding of the translation

The translation in Microsoft Office - Word ® will be sent to you:

  • through e-mail; or
  • through fax; or
  • by means of a disc CD-Rom, through regular mail : this will take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive as a registered letter, but it is included; or
  • by means of a disc CD-Rom, through ultra-fast messenger service (to be paid additionally); or
  • in text, through regular mail : this will take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive as a registered letter, but it is included in the price; or
  • in text, through ultra-fast messenger service (to be paid additionally).

How can you contact us?

Phone us for ANY accessary information (from the U.K. or IRELAND : 00  +52 - 773 - 688 . 17 . 24

–> ( please mind the time difference of 7 hours ! ) or send us an e-mail at the following addresses :

1- peritoeuropeo @ gmail . com

2- athenatranslations @ gmail . com


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